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  oil flow meter

Fuel meter, fuel flow meter atau sering disebut solar meter atau flow meter solar yang banyak dipakai di dunia industri manufacture maupun transportasi.
  Process Flow Diagram Of Palm Oil Mill

A process flow diagram (PFD) is a diagram commonly used in engineering to indicate the general flow of plant processes and equipment.


Merk :OVAL

Flowpet-NX is an OVAL flowmeter primarily developed
for fuel oil meansurement.    
Field proven for consistent metering accuracy and long life
combined with its ease of use and economy make this
industrial instrument ideally suited for heat control appli
cation as a dedicated flowmeter    
1.Mechanical register equipped model is also available 
which requires no power source for oil service.
2.Can furnish reliable pulses to a total counter and a high
speed pulse output to a flow indicator    
General Specifications    
Flow Range    
Model : LS5376-2OOA
Nominal Size (mm) : 40
Flange Rating : JIS 10K RF
Flow Range , L/h    
Kerosene  : 600 to 5000
(Above 0.8mPa•s to 2mPa•s)    
Gas Oil (Heavy oil A) : 300 to 6400
(Above 2mPa•s to 5mPa•s)    
Heavy Oil : 150 to 6400
(Above 5mPa•s to 200mPa•s)    
Meter Body    
Acceptable flulds : Kerosene,Light oil,Heavy Oil (Not serviceable with gasoline)
Operating temp . Range (fluid temp.) : 0 to 120⁰C
Max.operating pressure : 1.18MPa
Linearity : ±0.35% of RD
Body : FC250
Rotors : Special resin
Flow direction : Right → Left (standard),Left → right,bottom → top,top → bottom
Coating color : Orange : Munsell 2.5 YR 6/13
Mechanical Register Specifications    
Model : LS5376
Functions : Cumulative counter with dial-and-pointer,6 digits number wheels
One pointer rev : 10 L
Resolution : 0.1L
Counter capacity : 9,999,999.9L
Output Pulse : See next section
Operating Temp Range :  -10 to +60⁰C
Construction : Waterproof conforming to IP 65 (weathertight)
Material : Resin/Alumunium die casting
Finish (houshing) : Munsell 4.9 PB4.0/13.9 (Color of molding)
Factored Pulse generator in Mechanical Register (optional)
Item : MR sensor
Type of output pulse  : Voltage pulse/open collector
Number of pulses (per pointer rev.) :  10 P
Pulse Width : 1 ms min
Duty factor  :
Output Signal Levels : Voltage pulse ON:6.5V min OFF : 1 V max
    Open Collector ON:1V max 
Max.Operatiing Current  : 30mA
Max.Operating Voltage  : 40V DC (OPEN COLLECTOR)
Contact Bounce  :
Life  :
Signal Cable : Vinyl-insulated,4-conductor,shielded (core wire 0.5mm²,4 to 10mm in O.D)
Transmission Distance  : 1 Kilometer max.(using a CVVS cable 1.25 to 2.0mm²)
Power : 12 to 24VDC ±10%
Current Drain : 20mA max
Item : Reed switch
Type of output pulse  : Contact-closure pulse 
Number of pulses (per pointer rev.) :  1 P
Pulse Width :
Duty factor  : 40/60 to 60/40
Output Signal Levels :
Max.Operatiing Current  : 60mA (200Ω protective resistor provided)
Max.Operating Voltage  : 125V AC,50V DC
Contact Bounce  : 0.5ms max
Life  : 5 x 10⁷ cycles off operating (with resistive load at 12V DC,10mA)
Signal Cable : Vinyl-insulated,4-conductor,shielded (core wire 0.5mm²,4 to 10mm in O.D)
Transmission Distance  : 1 Kilometer max.(using a CVVS cable 1.25 to 2.0mm²)
Power :
Current Drain :
Mechanical Register Pulse Output    
Model : LS5376-2OOA
Nominal Size (mm) : 40
MR Sensor     
Pulse Units : 1 L/P
Pulse Units at Max Flow Rate : 1.8 Hz
Reed Switch    
Output Freq : 10 L/P
Pulse Units Output Freq  : 0.18 Hz
at  max Flow Rate     
Max Flow Rate (L/h) : 6400
Copyright by Moro Sakato     
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